opens window curtains, takes 50 selfies in natural light, closes window curtains

Precious Jongdae

Blumarine Fall 2014
Our memories are always so beautiful, and we romanticize them so quickly. People never remember anything but the good, and they conveniently forget the bad. And like, old men are always saying “Those were the days”, aren’t they? But I’m sure if they went back to those times, there would be things they didn’t like and things that made them want just to close their eyes. If I really think about it, there have been lots of things I didn’t like, and there are lots of times in my past that I want to forget. And that’s why I’m going to live to the fullest not the past, not the future, but the present.
━ Ayumi Hamasaki (via memorialadress)


 Sarah Ann Loreth




Even if I’m born again to someone else
I’ll start a journey to seek for you.


What I learned during my years in school was… to play a character. In elementary and junior high, I acted around so I wouldn’t stand out. At home, I played the role of a child who lived up to my parents’ expectations.
In high school, when I couldn’t fulfill my parents’ expectations anymore…I played the character of a frivolous guy, Surprisingly, people accepted me that way saying ‘you are that kind of person.